Balears votes against 0.6% deficit for the Autonomous Communities in 2017

Balears votes in 2017.

The Government has approved the approval by the Autonomous Communities of the deficit target for the regions, which has been set at 0.6 per cent. The vote in the Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy has gone ahead with the support of 8 CCAA, the abstention of Andalusia and other five and the vote against Catalunya, Balears and Comunidad Valenciana.

Finance Minister Cristóbal Montoro officially moved his proposal of 0.6 percent deficit for the regions next year, around seven in the afternoon, according to sources at the meeting.

He did so after two and a half hours of meetings in the Committee on Fiscal and Financial Policy and after reaching a pact with the PSOE on this figure, which represents a tenth more than 0.5 percent that the minister had offered at the beginning of the talks.

But it is 0.5 points more than the deficit authorized for 2017 before Brussels allowed, last April, that Spain delayed the fulfillment of the objectives.

Source: ultimahora

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