What is the difference between boxing and wrestling shoes?

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difference between boxing and wrestling shoes

The difference between boxing and wrestling shoes

Boxing or wrestling shoes are similar. Both are lightweight, tight, with starter shape, made for sports that rely on fast footwork and traction. The differences lie in subtle specific designs that make each one suitable for their respective sport.


According to martial arts historian David Coffman, the first organizers did boxing matches for 150 years. The ancient Greeks struggled long before the first boxer entered a ring. Initially, Best boxing shoes were more sophisticated than wrestling. However, because wrestling has had more participants in the 20th century, that gap has been closed.


The wrestling footwear is made of lightweight synthetic materials, often with the mesh upper, and has the rubber sole to prevent slipping on the mat. The footwear must be flexible to allow the feet to move in any position without pinching or discomfort while in a fight. Although you can buy boxing shoes made from the same synthetic materials, leather or suede shoes with a textured rubber sole are regularly recommended. Some brands incorporate mesh in the design to avoid that the footwear becomes heavy by the sweat.

Ankle height

Boxers are more upright than fighters and are more likely to fall without warning. Wrestlers fall more frequently, but usually, know that they come and have trained to fall safely. This puts boxers at greater risk of ankle fracture. Because of this, boxing shoes have the highest ankles, fastened by laces or a velcro strap. High boxing shoes can rise to 12 inches (30.48 cm) to the calf. Low boxing shoes are also available, although kickboxing trainer Bill Packer points out that boxers frequently use tape on their ankles before the competition.


The soles of the boxing shoes are soft at the bottom to allow for quick movement in the ring. They have texture and slits cut into the sole to allow some traction, especially forwards and backward. Wrestling shoes have ribbed soles that fit smoothly, allowing a solid grip. Most wrestling footwear models have one or more embossed circles on the sole to provide traction in all directions. Both types of footwear have thin soles with little filling or support for the bow. Since both sports are held on a padded surface, being light is more important as it provides greater comfort.


Boxing shoes are usually not available at your local sporting goods store, however, it is easier to find wrestling footwear and can be temporarily used instead of boxing shoes. While many boxers wear regular sports shoes in training because of the extra help in the bow, others prefer to wear their regular boxing shoes, arguing that sports shoes are heavier and so it changes the way move your feet to accommodate the extra weight.