Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse

This site is intended to be educational in nature. I want to get you started on your recovery process. If you are using drugs you are welcome here. If you are associated with someone using drugs you are welcome here. I want to give you a way out, inspiration and experiences of others, which will help you to undo the predicament in which you find yourself. There is no easy answer. It takes time and works to recover, whether you are a family member or friend of someone who is “using” or you are the victim. Yes, I said victim. You probably don’t look at the problem that way right now or like the idea of victimhood but if you or a loved one can’t stop using drugs, there may be an inability to stop, a phenomenon few people like to admit. I want to help you see things much differently, in a way which will help you to find the solution. Check out on drug rehab north Hollywood ca

Nature of Drug Abuse – 4 Levels

There are different theories regarding the cause of substance/drug abuse. First, we should determine what abuse is. There are four levels of use of a substance. I shall explain each.

The first is experimental. A person tries a substance such as marijuana or alcohol. The reaction is either negative or positive. If the negative reaction is very negative such as a bad hangover or a negative experience (hallucinations, paranoia…) a “normal” person will not be inclined to ingest foreign substances again or at least not for quite a while or perhaps never.

The second level of use is recreational or social use. This occurs after a benign or normal reaction to experimental use. The person, however, has a “take it or leave it” attitude about the use. They will try the substance again but are not very interested in going out of their way to get it.

The third is abuse. The person has a relationship with the substance. The onset of use is probably to obtain relief from emotional pain. The person may have recently gone through an unpleasant situation such as divorce, a death of a close one or some other kind of loss. The purpose of the abuse is to cope with the feelings of loss. However, should there be a problem with the abuse which makes it a negative experience and there is a “trade-off” for the relief, the person is likely to quit? Not so with addiction.

Fourth is an addiction. Continued abuse of a substance when there are reasons to quit the signal addiction. a need to ingest harmful substances when this ingestion causes pain and loss. Examples of pain or loss are family stress, inability to keep commitments, poor job productivity, loss of the quality of a relationship, rejection from others because of the abuse or addiction, loss of health whether this be stamina or cancer and so forth. Most people who are “stuck” in this mode are addicted. If you have explained your concern and have not obtained results, you are probably looking at a problem, which should be brought to a professional counselor, or therapist who specializes in addiction. The key factor is to obtain an accurate diagnosis. Find out if you have a problem with addiction or abuse. Chances are that it is at one of these two levels if you are concerned. This usually means that it has progressed to a serious level. Once the problem is diagnosed, follow the advice of the therapist.

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