Unlike (it does not appear to always the same) of the (eye has become worse.)

Retina that are attending to my alien, in a variety of diseases of the optic nerve, is a continuation of the story of people who quite visual function fell.

Treatment is terminated, the symptoms are almost fixed, there are many examples that have observed the course. If only diagnosis and medical treatment and the work of doctors, in the case of the latter is a good patient even if no longer attending regularly.

In fact, “because there is no medical treatment is any more that can we, may not visit” in the university hospital is declared, there are many cases that would have been referred to as the “You’d better look at the course in the neighborhood of the doctor if worried” . Certainly University Hospital, if Ichizukere the General Hospital that it is the hospital responsible for the treatment of the acute phase, it does not have is also not say the most.

However, speaking from the standpoint of the patient, without also not function has been restored to look, also because we have not able to have the confidence and does not occur change this more than the future, will not be to leave the hospital and sincerely convinced.

Here, I mentioned last time, the importance of the conversation between the doctor and the patient will have been close-up.

One Let’s take an example and read more about eyes and retina.

Many patients that visual function is considerably reduced, and every time of the visit,

Teacher, also no longer visible than before.

You complained.

But, also measured visual acuity in ophthalmology, the field of view is also hardly changed, significantly different from that with the awareness.

Maybe, well looks have storage of rollers, have remained in strong brain, but had probably inevitably compared, with the idea, I did not know it is certainly reason to feel so common everyone.

On one occasion, people of the state of the retinal ganglion cell number has decreased considerably in the optic nerve of the disease, he said such a thing.

“Teacher, when you get up in the morning, it may seem for a while well. But I do not last long.”

This is, I felt like to be one of the key to solving the previous riddle.

“That is, it is that all day appearance is not the same.”

“It’ll completely different. While you are looking at, Toka suddenly blurred, we are likely to become dark.”

It is a fatigue phenomenon of “Well, it is a nerve cell. If because nerve cells resulting in a fire once, and it is time that can not react for a while (refractory period). So, the cells are less sick like you people can not be the state that looks to the cells do not fire all at once. However, after which it will be to cells would enter the refractory period all at once. “

Because a healthy person has many of the cell, so you do not have to use at a time, as a whole fatigue phenomenon of cell hardly occur, always it will be maintained almost the same appearance.

However, sustainability of appearance are people there is a lesion of the retina and optic nerve is significantly lowered. Probably it is why there is a possibility of mistaking it “eyes were getting worse.”

This, also, as part of the reason that feels to have become worse has been resolved I felt.

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