How to repair a leaking copper pipe?

Here are 5 simple steps to repair a leaking copper pipe without spending money, making it easy and simple, using a couple of tools.

fix water leaks

We put at your disposal a homemade method to fix water leaks in pipes, accompanied by an explanatory text to make easier your home repairs.

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You can fix a copper pipeline that leaks quickly and efficiently by getting to work. We teach you how to cut and weld couplings for copper pipes.

Cut the old pipe and weld a new coupling

When an old copper pipe is corroded and dripping, or broken by frost, you have to fix it quickly. If the leak is the size of a needle hole and less than 12mm, the pipe must be removed. You can do the repair by cutting the pipe and welding a normal pipe fitting.

But to repair longer sections, it uses a cast-iron coupling, which can be found in home malls and in large hardware stores. In these stores, you can buy a coupling of copper pipe for welding of a size between 12mm or up to 19mm.

Point out where the leak is in the affected pipe and close the main water valve, drain valve or both. Cut the damaged section, measure the piece and, with the welding coupling, cut a repair piece that is about 25mm longer than the size of the damaged section.

The trick for a good weld joint is to keep the inside of the pipes dry. To do this, put a piece of cotton on the tips of each pipe so that it absorbs water until you are about to weld. Open a tap above this level to control building pressure and detect more drips in your repair. Then complete the steps for a leak-proof repair. Once finished, open the main water valve and check for leaks.

Tools and materials

Tools needed for this job

Prepare the necessary tools for this DIY job before you start. You will save time and frustration.

  • A pipe cutter
  • A propane gas torch

Materials needed for this job

Avoid having to go shopping at the last minute. Have your materials ready in advance. Here is a list

  • Welding coupler (piece of copper pipe)
  • Welder, welding wire
  • Metal shingle
  • Solder paste (flux) and a wire brush

Step 1: Cut the damaged pipe

Close the main water supply valve, empty the damaged water line and use a pipe cutter to cut the pipe section by adding an extra 25mm from each side of the leak. Start by holding the pipe firmly with the cutter claws and tighten the cutter screw. Rotate the cutter in the direction shown (while tightening the crank screw) until the pipe breaks.

Step 2: Clean surfaces and put solder paste

Clean the corrosion inside the repair sleeves using a wire brush. Clean the outside of the pipe with a polishing cloth of welders or with metal sandpaper. Extend the solder paste on the four cleaned surfaces with the brush.

Step 3: Place the repair sleeve on the site

Slide one end of the sleeve first onto one end of the pipe and then slide it back into the other. You may have to loosen the supports of the nearby pipes. Center the sleeve on the tips of the pipe so that approximately 12mm on each side is inside the sleeve.

Step 4: Weld the union

Hold the tip of the torch to one side and hold the tip of the welding wire on the other side. Remove the soldering iron when it has melted enough to join the joints completely.

Step 5: Welding coupler and pipe cutter

Cut the repair sleeve by adding 12mm to the repair piece that needs to be attached. Softens rough cuts on the edges of the sleeve by pulling the pipe cutter blade on the edges of the cut and rotates the cutter until the sleeve can slip into the ends of the pipe without snagging. Clean the edges of the inside of the sleeve with a wire brush about 20mm. Check out on this link

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