ISO 50001 Training and Consultants | Behavior Based Safety Training

ISO 50001 provides advantages for companies, small and big, in both public and private areas, in manufacturing and services, in all regions of the world by creating a structure for industrial plants; commercial, institutional, and government facilities; and companies to handle power. Focusing on broad usefulness across national economic areas, it is estimated that the standard could influence up to 60 % of the world’s power use. A power control program can help you cut your current costs and reduce your ecological effect.

QGSPL is made to help you understand and implement an power control program based on ISO 50001 with confidence. With coaching you should be in a position to achieve greater savings, faster, while avoiding common errors. Our expert trainers deliver programs in-company, at dedicated schools. We also customize programs to meet your specific specifications.

Programmes conducted by QGS, include:

Awareness Program on ISO 50001: 2011

Programme on Energy Review

Internal Auditor coaching programme

Energy Supervisors, Conformity Supervisors, Management representatives, Those who want to become Third celebration auditors for ISO 50001:2011 should attend.
Few learning from coaching can be Opportunity, plan, handle and cause evaluation team through an evaluation process, Take control on reporting, remedial action and continuing enhancement. Understand the specifications ISO 50001 while an evaluation. Manage evaluation emails and discussions.
There are many advantages of ISO 50001 Training, such as :

Be better prepared for Third celebration audits of your organization, Encourage employee knowing energy-efficiency,

Save resources by developing ISO 50001 with other control systems,

Conduct Third celebration audits of client companies.

An Energy Management System as per ISO 50001 ensures culture of reducing power failures, setting objectives for enhancement and reducing the ecological effect. The coaching under QGS is made to enable the members understanding specifications of ISO 50001, carrying out organized power evaluation, determining & showing priority for opportunities of improvements and developing related processes.

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