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Internet Explorer 11 is a stable browser and runs smoothly on most of the windows 7/8/10. But there may be times, when it suddenly stops working, crashes or hangs frequently in Windows 7/8/10, for some unknown reasons. It basically stops or crashes if you are browsing multimedia content like games and Flash videos. You may also see a message “Internet Explorer has stopped working “.

Here are some of the trouble- shooting steps that you may want to try if your Internet Explorer has stopped working or crashed:

1. To start with, go to settings of the Internet Explorer and clear the Internet Explorer cache or use the tools like Disk Clean Up tool or CCleaner. After this, run your antivirus software to check the malware infections. Run Scan Now and reboot if asked for. As a result, this will replace the corrupted system files. Now, finally Open Internet Explorer, click Tools->Internet Options->Security->Reset all Zones to Default level, and sees if it helps.

2. Still, if you are facing problems when using IE, then close it and run Internet Explorer (NO-add-ons). This will open up the browser without loading toolbars, add-ons or any plugins. If it is working smoothly, then it is obvious that there is some problem with the add-ons that may be causing the problem. To sort out this, use Manage Add-ons tool and disable each of them to see which tool is creating the problem.

3. If you want a quick solution to this problem, then in Internet Options, go to Advanced Tab and click on reset tab. Now restart Internet Explorer. The “Reset Internet Explorer” option will delete all the temporary files, delete plug-in, add-on, toolbars and reset the changes to the default settings. Now, you will have to reinstall the add-ons.

4. Go to Internet Options -> Advanced Tab, select or check the box for Use Software Rendering instead of GPU Rendering, and see if it stops crashing.

All the above steps will help you to solve the Internet Explorer issue of not working. Still, if you are facing the problem then you can get the help for Microsoft by the technical support team, available across the world, which will solve all the issues related to Internet Explorer or any other Microsoft products instantly over the phone, chat or email. More info click here

Conclusion: These steps will troubleshoot your Internet Explorer crashing issues and will let your Internet Explorer works smoothly. But if you are not able to run your Internet Explorer smoothly, and still facing issues, there are technical support companies that help to solve your issues. You can contact them by simply calling them.

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