What Type of Home Maintenance Are Really Essential For Our Home?

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Home ownership is a big responsibility which requires time and labor. But with the right repair tools and maintenance tips, you will be able to prevent small problems from getting bigger and will also be ready to act quickly when a big problem surfaces.

Every homeowner should have regular maintenance of their homes to ensure smooth running. This provides optimum longevity and helps prevent potential malfunctions or breakdowns. The most important reason for checking, inspecting, cleaning is to ensure maximum protection for you and your family.

The different types of maintenance that a home requires would be from electrical, plumbing, air –conditioning, cleaning, painting of interiors, pest control, kitchen upgrading.


Regular cleaning of your home is one of the basic forms of home maintenance. When cleaning surfaces in your home, regularly inspect for damages or deterioration and fix them immediately. This can help you save on costly repairs in the future. Clean your appliances and laminate surfaces regularly.

For cleaning surfaces of walls, kitchen tops, bathroom floors, tile, grout, use a solution of white vinegar, washing soda, dishwashing liquid, borax and hot water.

You need to vacuum your upholstery, sofas, floors, mattresses regularly to avoid dust and pests to gain entry.

Clogged drains can be prevented by keeping it clean. Pour a mixture of salt, baking soda and vinegar into the drain and then pour hot water into the drain.

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Inspect the water supply lines and leaky hoses of your washing machine and replace them. Check your water heater, hoses, and faucets.

Drain the water from your water heater and clean the inside of the heater annually. Hot water heaters build up sediment that can make it ineffective. Also test your water heater valve and make sure it is working in order to improve energy efficiency.

Bathrooms are areas in your home prone to water damage. Leaky faucets and toilets create the risk of water pooling and clogging. With moisture build –up, it leads to mold and mildew that can damage the floors, tiles and fixtures. If you have signs of leaks, too much of moisture, ensure you repair them immediately. For all your plumbing repairs in Dubai, you can avail the services of Home maintenance companies. This will help you prevent you from replacing the floor due to water damage.

As a part of your complete home plumbing maintenance plan, you need to check your bathroom faucets, showers, toilets regularly and repair minor leaks.


Routine inspection of electrical outlets and circuits will help you identify problems that can become hazardous.

Clean the coils of your fridge as dirt and debris can start building up easily. Cleaning behind and underneath your fridge is good for air quality and overall quality of living.

Air –Conditioning

To keep your cooling systems working efficiently, you can avail the services of reputed home maintenance, ac maintenance companies in Dubai to clean and service your AC units. Clean the debris of filters and change the filters regularly. It helps to save on electricity bills.

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