Upper Mustang Trek

The Kingdom of Lo or generally called ‘Upper Mustang’ includes the northern 66% of the Mustang territory. Life is Mustang fundamentally turns around tourism, animal development, and trade. The trek to Upper Mustang starts from delightful Pokhara crossing the Annapurna assurance extend. The home administration of Nepal has proclaimed the locale as a restricted zone; thus visitors need to get extraordinary approvals from the Division of development to visit this area.

Why Upper Mustang trek?

The Upper Mustang trek is a champion among the most predominant objectives among voyagers, urging to experience the remote domains. The out of date religious group, over thousand years old clasp and Himalayan mountain neglect with close-by ethnic social occasions of Tibetan culture are the essential highlights of this region.

Colt still has a Mustang Raja (state master of Mustang) only a solitary state leader of Nepal; so you may similarly make sense of how to visit the illustrious home in the midst of the visit. In any case, the greatness of this trek is your chance to walk around the surprising scene, a grandiose harsh trail all over slant consolidated with comprehensive viewpoints of Nilgiri, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and a couple of other snow-topped zeniths. Check out more info about Upper Mustang Trek.

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